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Daniel Clowes original art

Daniel Clowes original art from my personal collection.


Dennis Eichhorn's new book!

Excellent news! This just posted by Pat Moriarity ...
 Almost done tinkering on Dennis Eichhorn's new book cover (Extra Good Stuff), featuring a scene from a story he asked me to illustrate on the cover. With Michael Arnold, Jim Blanchard, Ivan Brunetti, RL Crabb, Max Clotfelter, David Collier, Dame Darcy, Mary Fleener, Sean Michael Hurley, Gerald Jablonski, Aaron Lange, David Lasky, Kelly Moríaríty, Pat Moriarity, Triangle Slash, Colin Upton, Tom Van Deusen, Noah Van Sciver and J.R. Williams.
Can't wait for this one! Some of my all time favorite cartoonists! And a lot of these artists are featured in Hooked on Comix!



Ivan Brunetti is featured in Hooked on Comix Volume 2 that was produced while I was living in Chicago, IL. Ivan teaches at my Alma mater, Columbia College.