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"Iron Mask" screenplay!

Here it is! The Iron Mask screenplay! This is the script I wrote starting in 1994. I wrote it after reading Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes.

There's a cop beating, an eerie grotesque character getting a haircut, murder, vomiting and degenerate family fun! It's a gas to read after it sat for twenty years on an old floppy disk! The story is a lot different than "Like a Glove," but it's definitely in the same mysterious, creepy vein.


Hooked on Comix at Seattle's Bumbershoot - from 2010

Found this photo of the "Counterculture Comix" exhibition at Bumbershoot in Seattle - from 2010. 

The show featured continuous screenings of classic early volumes of Hooked on Comix.

Daniel Clowes can be seen on the screens.


Daniel Clowes New Yorker cover ...

I went to  a dinner party at my friend's parents house, they had a whole wall framed with New Yorker covers. This was the best, in my opinion.



Ghost World script by Daniel Clowes found in trash!

My friend Gary Smith (a great cartoonist in his own right) lent me an original first-draft Ghost World script by Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff! His brother in-law, a film director, tossed the script in the trash bin after he lost the job to direct the movie. 

Original Ghost World script by Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff


FUGAZI "First Demo" out late 2014

I'm a big fan of all things Dischord, so I had to repost this from their website.
From Dischord Records:
Later this year, Dischord will release Fugazi's first demo. In January 1988, after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like on tape. They tracked 11 songs, ten of which were given away on cassettes, which the band encouraged people to share. The only song from the session that has been formally released was "In Defense of Humans," which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in 1989. Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire demo including the one song ("Turn Off Your Guns") that wasn't included on the original cassette. The record has been mastered by TJ Lipple and will be available on CD and LP+Mp3.

I shot this video in 1989 with Ian MacKaye's permission:


UPDATE to the UPDATE: The script is ALIVE!!!! Daniel Clowes-Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron-Lost script????

UPDATE to the UPDATE: The script has been recovered from the disk and it is alive and well!!!!!  


UPDATE!!!! I've found the 3 1/2" floppy disk that the script could be on!!!! Can it be transferred to my USB drive and opened??????

Original art detail from Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes. This one page inspired me to write a creepy-noir script. At the time my screen writing professor thought it could win a student Academy Award! Too bad I lost the script when I moved from Chicago to LA.

Could the lost script be found or rewritten and made into a movie???? Stay tuned ...


TOP 10 Comic Book Docs by Iann Robinson

Top 10 Comic Book Documentaries  by craveonline's Iann Robinson. Number 7 goes to Hooked on Comix! I'll take any publicity I can get!

07. Hooked On Comix: Life On The Cutting Edge Of An All-American Artform

This documentary released in the mid-nineties chronicles the re-birth of the independent comic book movement. These are the people that took the reigns from Crumb, Spain, Harvey Pekar and others to make sure that the independent spirit didn’t crumble or die. Hooked On Comix features interviews with Peter Bagge (Hate Comics), Daniel Clowes (Ghost World), Roberta Gregory (Naughty Bits), Jamie Hernandez (Love And Rockets), and a dozen more major talents in the world of comic books. The interviews are very relaxed and informative as well as very honest.

This film shows the ups and downs of being an indie comic artist not willing to deal with the big two of DC and Marvel. Getting by on talent, gumption and a belief in what they are creating these artists show why they are the future of the medium.


Hooked on Comix Vol. 3!

Noah Van Sciver Original Art for sale!

From Noah:

In light of recent catastrophic events in my personal life, it’s become necessary for me to sell off some original comic pages to help me land on my feet and not wind up living at the YMCA. If you’ve read any of my stories or comics in the past and they’ve made you laugh, cry, kind of happy, or all of the above, then please consider owning one of these pages for your collection!All page are $100 please email me at noahvansciver(at) to let me know which one you are interested in. And thank you so much. You have no idea…
Buy his Hooked on Comix designed t-shirt to the right and I'll pass the proceeds on to Noah!


INTRUDER coming to LA?!
I've been talking to Marc Palm to get Intruder into some LA comic books stores. I think it deserves a wider audience and would relish the thought of picking it up locally (yes, I live in LA)!


My entry to The New Yorker caption contest

"I'll call you back. I think the litter box is full."

I originally wrote: "Can I borrow a snow shovel? I think the litter box is full." I thought it was a bit wordy, since shorter is usually better (so I hear). We'll see if anyone thinks its funny!


Chris Ware - Drawn & Quarterly Books

Chris Ware starred in Hooked on Comix Vol. 2 with Ivan Brunetti. Chris Ware's books are available from Drawn & Quarterly.


500 Portraits

500 Portraits collects two decades of portrait work by the award-winning creator of Drinky Crow’s Maakies, Sock Monkey and Billy Hazelnuts. Tony Millionaire starred in Hooked on Comix Vol. 3 along with Dame Darcy.


Noah Van Sciver's New Book due in 2015

Saint Cole will be the title of Noah Van Sciver's new book which will be published by Fantagraphics Books. Look for it in 2015.



Missing Dan Clowes original art ... found!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who wrote in and also to everyone who helped us to get the word out. The owner of the art contacted us today and we are very close to wrapping up so look for The Complete Eightball 1-18 available from Fantagraphics books later this year!

We are trying to locate the original cover art for Eightball #7. We believe it was last owned and perhaps still in the possession of a Sam Hughes as seen on the website “Comic Art Fans”. We’ve haven’t had any luck contacting him directly as his post was made over 10 years ago.

So we are casting out a wider net hoping that someone that reads this will have a tip, lead, or some kind of information concerning this piece of art. If you do, please contact Mr. Clowes is offering a sketch to anyone that provides us with a print quality scan of this line art and is offering a gift to anyone with information that directly leads us to locating this art.

And even if you don’t have any info but want to help, please help us spread the word by blogging/sharing/RTing this post. The final touches are being made on the project that this is needed for, The Complete Eightball 1-18 which is due out later this year from Fantagraphics, so we hope to find this soon!


Hooked on Comix T-shirts - Logo by Noah Van Sciver!


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Pat Moriarity on Boing Boing!

From Boing Boing

Pat Moriarity started out as a punk rock artist in the mid-1980s music scene of Minneapolis, working for Twin/Tone records and eventually getting his own comic book title, the Harvey Award nominated Big Mouth. He became an art director for Fantagraphics, and later for The Comics Journal. He currently lives and works in Port Orchard, Washington. As an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Seattle, Pat Moriarity teaches character design, storyboarding and comics.
Pat was featured in Hooked on Comix Vol. 1 and designed and drew the logo for the DVD & VHS box.




Hooked on Comix T-shirt by Noah Van Sciver ... coming soon!

Hooked on Comix Vol. 1 was released 20 years ago this year! I'm considering producing a T-shirt, but which logo??? UPDATE I've gotten some feed back and it looks like Noah Van Sciver's logo will be the first one produced!


Visit your local comic book shop and see what you've been missing all along! Laughin' Spittin' Man makes sure he puts Free Comic Book Day on his calendar every year!

I'll be visiting my local comic book store Comics vs Toys with my son in Eagle Rock, CA.


Daniel Clowes original art

Daniel Clowes original art from my personal collection.


Dennis Eichhorn's new book!

Excellent news! This just posted by Pat Moriarity ...
 Almost done tinkering on Dennis Eichhorn's new book cover (Extra Good Stuff), featuring a scene from a story he asked me to illustrate on the cover. With Michael Arnold, Jim Blanchard, Ivan Brunetti, RL Crabb, Max Clotfelter, David Collier, Dame Darcy, Mary Fleener, Sean Michael Hurley, Gerald Jablonski, Aaron Lange, David Lasky, Kelly Moríaríty, Pat Moriarity, Triangle Slash, Colin Upton, Tom Van Deusen, Noah Van Sciver and J.R. Williams.
Can't wait for this one! Some of my all time favorite cartoonists! And a lot of these artists are featured in Hooked on Comix!



Ivan Brunetti is featured in Hooked on Comix Volume 2 that was produced while I was living in Chicago, IL. Ivan teaches at my Alma mater, Columbia College.


Daniel Clowes New Yorker

Found these two New Yorker magazines in a cabinet today. Wouldn't mind having the original art! Anyone know when DC will be putting out another movie or graphic novel?


Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill signed off on letting us use this song in Hooked on Comix Vol. 1. Audrey Mandelbaum, my co-producer on the film, was friends with Kathleen via living in Olympia, Washington, being involved in Reko Muse Gallery and going to Evergreen State College. I hope it was okay with Billy Karren, bassist Kathi Wilcox, and drummer Tobi Vail too?!


Chris Ware playing the piano!

This was uploaded by someone else, but I decided not to contest the copyright violations.


Scranch! Super secret art show featuring ...

I'm organizing a super secret art and musical performance happening in the Mojave Desert! Yes, you read that correctly ... the Mojave Desert! They'll be some great cartoonists featured! Noah Van Sciver is working on the t-shirt for the show. BTW - this project will be an independent campaign and will only happen if it's funded! So, stay tuned!