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Hooked Report!!!!!

"Spending quality time with a surprisingly serene Tony Millionaire and a not-surprisingly daffy Dame Darcy is my idea of heaven, making director David P. Moore the St. Peter of my homemade religion and his Hooked On Comix, the documentary series that takes seriously comics and their makers, my personal Pearly Gates."

Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter


Hooked on Comix vol. 3

Hooked on Comix Volume 3 is a 20 minute documentary directed by David P. Moore

Hooked on Comix Vol. 3 features two distinguished and creative, yet sometimes quirky cartoonists, that inhabit the contemporary cartooning scene in Los Angeles. Dame Darcy creates not only books and cartoons, she contemplates her career as it crosses the art world with the music and supernatural worlds! Tony Millionaire takes cartooning and drinking very seriously - not really, but his characters do. They continually drink them selves into oblivion, or they use a handy pistol to the head if the drink doesn't do the trick! 


I'm obtaining a few blurbs for the DVD cover as we speak ... Here's a great one from
Larry Reid, Curator of the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery:

"After viewing Hooked on Comix, I need an intervention"!

That pretty much says it right there.