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Top 10 Comic Book Documentary - Hooked on Comix!!!

... And number seven goes to Hooked on Comix Vol. 1!!!

07. Hooked On Comix: Life On The Cutting Edge Of An All-American Artform

This documentary released in the mid-nineties chronicles the re-birth of the independent comic book movement. These are the people that took the reigns from Crumb, Spain, Harvey Pekar and others to make sure that the independent spirit didn’t crumble or die. Hooked On Comix features interviews with Peter Bagge (Hate Comics), Daniel Clowes (Ghost World), Roberta Gregory (Naughty Bits), Jamie Hernandez (Love And Rockets), and a dozen more major talents in the world of comic books. The interviews are very relaxed and informative as well as very honest.

This film shows the ups and downs of being an indie comic artist not willing to deal with the big two of DC and Marvel. Getting by on talent, gumption and a belief in what they are creating these artists show why they are the future of the medium.

Top 10 Comic Book Documentaries  
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Vintage HOOKED ON COMIX Vol. 2 VHS Box!

Vintage VHS Hooked on Comix Vol. 2 box art! Designed and created by Pat Moriarity! 

The blurb on the cover is from Daniel Clowes, who exclaims: "Boy! My favorite city (Chicago, ILL) and my favorite subject (squirming, self-conscious, pasty-faced cartoon geniuses) all in one movie! This is what we in the business call 'filmmaking magic.'"